Before you commit to a destination wedding in Ireland, take a good, long look at your financial health.

Spend a long weekend with your mate figuring out what you can afford, and what sum of money you’d be willing to part with. Of course, this may feel like a catch-22 because you don’t necessarily know what your wedding budget will buy.

You need to decide how much money you’re comfortable spending. In many cases, the cost of a wedding is similar to a down-payment on a house. It’s a hard reality to swallow, so ensure that the money you decide to spend will not bury your new marriage under a load of debt.

We had saved up $30k for our future wedding. How did we justify spending it all?

Well, we have a house already. We have other savings. And $30k seemed like a drop-in-the-bucket when we lovingly considered our 15-year relationship, and imagined a week of memories with friends and family in a foreign country.

But here’s where the catch-22 comes in:  We could never swallow a $30k bill for the standard, 5-hour wedding in the U.S.. $6k per hour?! No, thank you. But $178 an hour with little Irish lambs roaming your private, seaside estate?

Any day of the week.

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