So you got engaged and you’re considering a destination wedding in Ireland.

Organizing a wedding abroad is a lot of work, but before you cross it off your list, take a little time to research the costs, scope and timeline. I promise you’ll be surprised at how manageable it is!

When I was planning our wedding week in Ireland, I followed some general wedding timelines I had found on the web, but none were at the level of customization needed for a small Irish wedding. I followed my own path and kept lots of notes along the way so I could one day share my plans with other emerald-eyed brides-to-be.

A few important notes before you dive into the details:

  1. Below is intended to be a guide, not a prescription. Every situation will be different. 
  2. I managed to plan a wedding abroad for 31 people in only 6 months (2 weddings, actually). While doable in 6 months, I recommend you add 2-3 months to these plans to allow more time to breathe easy and account for unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Below is only an abbreviated timeline, but stay tuned — I will be releasing a detailed Trello planning board for getting married in Ireland soon.  

Here is my summarized timeline for planning a wedding-week in Ireland. Click through each item to learn more.



How to get married in Ireland:
A month-to-month Irish wedding plan blueprint

7 months prior:

  1. Look at your finances
  2. Source cost estimates for everything
  3. Draft your wedding guest list

6 months prior:

  1. Book your lodging & venue

5 Months prior:

  1. Confirm guests
  2. Book your flights

4 Months prior:

  1. Coordinate travel with guests

3 Months prior:

  1. Shop for and book your vendors
  2. Buy your wedding dress and suit
  3. Book car rentals

2 Months prior:

  1. Arrange your styling (accessories, makeup, hair, decor & flowers)
  2. Book your City Hall marriage

1 Month prior:

  1. Plan your wedding reception music
  2. Buy wedding bands
  3. Practice your hair and makeup
  4. Secure house sitting and pet sitting
  5. Exchange USD for Euros at your local bank or AAA office

2 Weeks prior:

  1. Plan your wedding day timeline

1 Week prior:

  1. Send final email confirmations and contact info
  2. Start packing!


Questions on anything here? Write to me!

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