Three months prior to our wedding week in Ireland, we researched and contacted photographers, Celebrants, musicians, and the Westcove House caretaker who would cater our wedding reception.

We ended up choosing a phenomenal, editorial photographer named Egle from White Cat Studios, and a lovely Celebrant named Clare. We scheduled Skype video chats with each to discuss day-of logistics, and paid our deposits to them via Paypal.

Clare’s position in the wedding was probably the most memorable and unique of all the vendors. She had us tell her the story of Mike and I as a couple, from the day we met, through the 15 years we’ve been together. She recorded our conversation and used it to craft the most beautiful and tear-jerking ceremony.

Seriously, I’ve never been to a wedding where the ceremony was so customized to the bride and groom. No nonsense. Just the story of our love. It was beautiful! (And sans cheese.)

Clare also hooked us up with her husband, who is in a traditional Irish band. We hired him and his two buddies to play fiddle and whistle for the wedding procession and our happy hour.

Katherine is the head caretaker at the Westcove House, and we had several emails and a long-distance Skype call with her leading up to the wedding week. We discussed menus, decoration, chair rentals, and more. She has a lovely, can-do attitude and a competent team of local staff who help her manage the property and run events. She was so wonderful! And she and her team can cook up a delicious storm of quintessentially-Irish foods that really complete the Irish wedding fairytale. 

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